Biden Secretary of Defense: Who will be selected as the head of Pentagon in Biden Administration?

by Eli Mshomi

The foreign stakes of the United States are more critical than ever today as the US is on the verge of ending its everlasting war on terror, which was launched by G.W. Bush in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

While Trump is ready to make some hasty decisions regarding the US foreign interests in Afghanistan and Iran, the role of the Biden Secretary of Defense will be mammoth, as only a sane mind in Pentagon can tackle the imminent crisis.

Unlike other administrative positions, the competition for Biden Secretary of Defense is low. Who can be the Biden Secretary of Defense, and who will serve the interests of the United States best while sitting in the Pentagon? Let’s have a look.

Biden Secretary of Defense Contenders:

Michèle Flournoy: 

In his bid to make a diverse administration, Michèle Flournoy is one of the top contenders for Biden Secretary of Defense. She has the experience of dealing with tough assignments that make her a great fit for the most important position in the Pentagon.

Currently, she is serving as the co-founder of WestExec Advisors, along with her service as a senior fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. Apart from that, she has served the US in the following capacities

Under Bill Clinton’s administration:

  • Principal Deputy Assistant Defense for Strategy and Threat Reduction in the US Defense Department.
  • Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy in the US Defense Department.

Service Under Obama’s Administration:

She has also served the United States under the Barack Obama administration in the following capacities.

  • Crafting counter-insurgency policy for Afghanistan
  • Persuaded Obama to take military action in Libya



  • Co-founder of the Center of a New American Security, a platform for national security issues of the United States.
  • Served as a senior advisor of the Boston Security Group
  • Worked in the Booz Allen Hamilton organization to deal with cybersecurity


She always remains in the limelight to be Biden Secretary of Defense due to her recent approaches of being too vocal regarding the current issues. In one of her recent essays, “How to Prevent a War in Asia; The Erosion of American Deterrence Raises the Risk of Chinese Miscalculation,” she provided insights into how the USA can improve military strategies in the world by adapting to modern technologies.

However, she has some major policy differences with Biden over key countries, including Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen. If she becomes Biden Secretary of Defense, Biden can face some resistance in implementing his policies worldwide.


Senator Tammy Duckworth:

If Biden somehow decides not to have a tough time with the Secretary of Defense, he will have to think outside the box. Sen. Tammy Duckworth is one of the contenders with Michèle Flournoy for Biden Secretary of Defense.


Although she has low chances to be the one compared to Michèle Flournoy, adding her to the cabinet will make the cabinet more diverse, as she is the first-ever Thai woman elected to the US Senate. She has served the United States in the following capacities.


  • Incumbent Senator since 2017
  • Member of the House of Representative from Illinois from January 2013 to January 2017
  • Served in the United States military from 1992-2014
  • Director of the Illinois Department of Veteran Affairs from November 2006 to February 2009.
  • Assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs for Public and Intergovernmental Affairs from April 2009 to June 2011


Owing to her on-ground service in the United States military, especially in the Iraq war, she has superior insights to anyone else, and her addition to the Pentagon can help the Biden administration in the long run.

Jack Reed:

Just like Tammy Duckworth, he is also a soldier turned politician who knows the ground realties and can serve on the seat of Biden Secretary of Defense. He retired with the rank of major from the US military. His contributions to the United States include:


  • Serving in the US military from 1971 to 1991 (Active service from 1971-1979, reserve service from 1979-1991)
  • Serving in the US Senate from 1985 to date.


The challenges and duties associated with the seat of the Biden Secretary of Defense are huge, and a little bit of mistake in this regard can push the United States into chaos.

Biden is ready to make some tough decisions regarding the foreign policy of the United States soon after his inauguration in the White House, and the presence of a resilient person on the seat of Biden Secretary of Defense will be crucial in driving his approaches.

Whether it is the decision regarding the Iran nuclear deal, military withdrawal from Afghanistan, US involvement in the wars of Yemen and Syria, the approach towards Israel, or the North Korea nuclear program, the days of Biden Secretary of Defense will be tough ones ahead.

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