Biden’s Brother Controversy: Another Test of Biden against Conflict of Interest  

by Eli Mshomi
Biden’s Brother Controversy: Another Test of Biden against Conflict of Interest

Conflict of interests always remains an issue of concern for the presidents of the United States. Although Biden mentioned that these conflicts wouldn’t be tolerated during his term in the White House, the reality signals somewhere else as Joe Biden’s brother, Frank Biden, attracted the media by becoming a feature of a photo advertisement touting a law firm with ties to President Biden.

The law firm, named Berman Law Group, proudly names Frank Biden its advisor and is allegedly taking advantage of the president in the competitive landscape.

In a statement released by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, President Joe Biden assured that he and his administration are committed to having the most ethically vigorous administration in the history of the United States.

This statement came as scrutiny increased around Frank Biden and his relation to the Florida law firm. The law firm was also involved in federal lobbying on behalf of an oil distribution company during the last year of the presidency of Barack Obama when Joe Biden was the vice-president.

There have been several other occasions when Frank Biden and other members of the Biden family used the name of President Joe Biden to achieve gains in their business dealings.

Berman Law Group: A law firm where Biden’s Brother is using his influence

Biden’s brother Frank Biden is listed as a non-attorney senior advisor to the Berman Law Group in Florida. He made it to the headlines on an advertisement poster from Inauguration Day circulated on the media featuring and describing his relationship with the president.

The advertisement described the achievements of the law firm against a group of sugar cane growers, saying that both Biden brothers are committed to environmental changes.

This is a clear indicator of how the law firm capitalizes on Frank Biden’s relation with Joe Biden.

The contact information of Frank Biden and the firm’s founder on the advertisement has made the situation even more controversial.

Previously, Biden’s brother also had ties with a consulting company that tried to lobby the Obama administration on behalf of an oil corporation.

Frank Biden admitted that he worked for Delmarva, the company that contracted the lobbying business Cassid and Associates to influence Congress and the Defense Department.

However, he claimed he only counseled them based on his experience and has no direct ties with business dealings done by the company.

According to Joseph Abruzzo, the business owner, Frank Biden, was never involved in dealings or discussions of the company.

Frank Biden Clarifying his Role in the Controversy

Biden’s brother, Frank Biden, came forward and tried to clarify his role in all of the recent drama.


“I have never used my brother to obtain clients for my firm. Our firm has long been involved (with) this lawsuit. Social justice is something I have been involved in for years…I will never be employed by any lobbyist or lobbying firm.”

(Frank Biden)

The firm’s founder, Matthew Moore, also said that Frank Biden has been working for them for years and has always shown interest in social justice and other related issues.

He also added that the sugar cane case has been going on for two years, and the firm is honored to have Frank Biden on the poster as a “leader of social justice.”


Infographic explaining Biden's brother Frank Biden controversy of Berman law group advertisement


Joe Biden: Still Claiming the Rule of Law

A White House official also responded to the situation that has emerged with Biden’s brother’s controversial role, saying that the president’s name should never be used in any activity that suggests his endorsement or support.

This is not the first time that President Joe Biden is tested owing to a conflict of interest. Just before assuming the office, the news of Hunter Biden’s dealing with foreign investors also came into the limelight, which forced Trump to fire the serving attorney general during the last days of office.

A White House spokesperson, Micheal Gwin, said that President Biden had maintained the highest ethical standards for himself. He further said that,


“An implication to the contrary is flatly untrue and unsupported by the facts.”

(Micheal Gwin)

President Biden also told People Magazine that his family members would not play any role in federal decision-making.

He made it clear that his administration will be very similar to the Obama-Biden administration, suggesting that no one from his family will have any involvement in internal or external policies.

Moreover, the White House also made it clear that no member of the Biden family will have an office in the West Wing after the news started to circulate regarding the president’s sister, Valerie Biden, getting an office in the White House.

According to some reports, President Joe Biden even warned his brother Frank to watch himself regarding his potential business dealings during the presidential campaign.

A Democratic donor, Florida Attorney John Morgan, said that Frank Biden told him that his brother loves him, but if he were involved in any lobbying efforts, he would cut “my legs from underneath me.”


In a Nut Shell

Family business dealings, especially his son’s, have long dogged President Joe Biden. Now that he is in the White House, his family needs to be careful not to involve his name in their business dealings or go against all the ethical values that Biden propagated during his presidential campaign.

Joe Biden has made sure that he would not tolerate any interference from his family in decision-making efforts, unlike Donald Trump. The family members of the latter held prestigious positions and also affected many foreign as well as internal decisions.


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