Boehner Bombshells: An Attempt to Expose Republicans Ill-Will

by Eli Mshomi

The efforts to put the Grand Old Party (GOP) back on track are underway by the ideological Republicans who have been raising alarms about the harm caused by the former President, Donald Trump, and his allies within the party.

One such effort is made by the former House Speaker John Boehner, whose upcoming book On the House: A Washington Memoir will unveil the damage infused by the Republican lawmakers to the American political infrastructure.

The Boehner bombshell tends to censure some well-known conservative media houses, along with Republican lawmakers.

On a mission to portray a true image of today’s GOP, Boehner narrates the story of the conservative GOP and how power-grabbing and manipulation tactics destroyed the sanctity of the party founded by Abraham Lincoln.

The uneasiness caused by this book in the Republican ranks is real, which depicts the silence before the storm. 

What are the Boehner bombshells, and how can they impact the GOP sanctity going further? Let’s see.

John Boehner: The Speaker of Crazytown

Due to the pervasiveness of the power tussle in Congress, Boehner terms the House of Representative a Crazytown.

The words like crazy, nutty, Looneyville, and Crazytown have been used to refer toward the House and its members to define the insanity that was going on at the time.

John Boehner, who acted as a leader of this “Crazytown, ” also reveals that despite the leadership, his authority in the House was slight.

Labeling the elected members of the House in the midterm elections of 2010 as morons, Boehner bombshells say that representatives were only elected due to the presence of the label “R” before their names.

During this time, the credit for the Republican victory is largely attributed to the conservative media channel FOX News, and its founders Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes.

The book didn’t even spare anti-Trump Republicans and terms Ted Cruz a dangerous man.

Republican Lawmakers and the Conservative Media: The Target of the Boehner Bombshells

TV star, conservative political commentator, and the former friend of the writer Boehner, Sean Hannity also occupies a fair amount of space in the forthcoming memoir of John Boehner.

Hannity, according to Boehner, was one of the worst among those who paved the way for Donald Trump’s doctrine. 

The prominent reason for FOX news being a conservative news channel is the conspirational mindset of the founder of Fox News, Roger Ailes, who was also criticized by Boehner. 

According to him, Ailes was afraid of Hillary Clinton and Obama, as both wanted to “finish” him.

Boehner bombshells also unfolded the persisting conspiracy in the mind of the media channel founder, who believed that the US embassy attack in Benghazi was staged to bring Hillary Clinton into power.

According to the Boehner bombshells, the hunger for ratings made Rupert Murdoch, the cofounder of Fox News, go to any lengths.

This reveal suggests the true nature of the conservative media channel, which did nothing in favor of America in recent times.

Then comes the turn of the former Minnesota Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, who, according to Boehner, is a lunatic. 

When Boehner declined her request for preferential treatment, she threatened him with a media backlash. 

The worst recipient of criticism in the Boehner Bombshells is Ted Cruz. According to John Boehner,


“There is nothing more dangerous than a reckless asshole who thinks he is smarter than everybody else. Ladies and gentleman, meet Senator Ted Cruz.”

(John Boehner about Ted Cruz)


The book is full of harsh words, but the harshest words were saved for Ted Cruz. Matters became tense between the two after Cruz played a pivotal role in shutting down the federal government with his high-stakes efforts to defund Obamacare. 

Even the most powerful factions of the Republican party are not saved in the Boehner bombshell, as he vehemently criticized Matt Gaetz for his alleged involvement in sex trafficking, underage sex, and drug abuse.

Most of the allegations have proven to be true in recent revelations made against the Florida Representative. 

The recent series of events against Gaetz also depict that Boehner bombshells are not just the political tactics to defame the GOP but are the actual dark doings of the Republican lawmakers.


Final Thoughts

Amid the heaps of allegations mentioned in the upcoming book of Boehner, a backlash against the former Speaker is imminent in the upcoming times.

Embracing their own cancel culture, many Republicans can group together to “cancel” John Boehner from the Republican party.

Most of these allegations can also kick off a new era of investigations against the Republican lawmakers, who have been violating the norms and the values in the recent past. 

This series of allegations can also act as a catalyst in opening the eyes of the ideological Republican supporters who have been cheated by their elected representatives badly.

The book has the capability and capacity to crack the GOP and to further harm the conservatism ideology, as it will surely initiate the counterstrikes from those who have been blamed in the book.

As the nation waits for April 13 for the release of the book, all eyes are on the extended version of the Boehner bombshells that can bring the Republican party to its knees.

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