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Nigerians Life's Matters

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For days now, I couldn't sleep, couldn't work, I cry often for my follow Nigerians, for Nigeria in general I cry, for those at home, the kind of news we hear and read, is so scary


Seeing how my people, Innocent Nigeria nationals are being killed in Nigeria, the entire federal is not safe, the security of lives and properties seems not the business of our leaders as they are so focused on winning the next election and remaining in power to the deaths of Nigerians, these politicians don't care


If you are human like me, is expected that you should feel the same, these happenings are not a normal thing, so I ask, Is lives in Nigeria different from other life across the western world, Can't the giant of Africa for once get it right?


No is not normal, is never a normal thing that people can't travel safe using the Nigeria Road, Traveling by road is now a high risky adventure, You Take Air A Bit questionable, You Take Railway ' Problem


I'm finding it hard to sleep, why all this wickedness in the land, why is it that we don't have value to life again, all life matters, and the lives of all Nigerians matter


Why the killing of Innocent People 


How do you guys sleep at night after all these killings and political looting of the public fund?


May God Help Me Never To Question Him 'GOD'. If he sees all this, may God help me never to question Him, o Lord


Dear God, Please Help Innocent People In Nigeria Oh Lord. The Hardship, Poverty, Suffering, and killing in Nigeria my country are too much. These people killed every day, here and there across Nigeria are humans like us and deserve to live life to its fullest


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