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A Note of Thanks to My Readers from Eli Mshomi

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I started this blog in July with the intent to bring readers some amazing articles on the American elections. Using my thirty years of experience in data science and as a political data scientist to translate information into data-driven political articles, I started this blog in July/2020 with 730 views. Within four months, we ended up with 537,245 views and 100,000+ users.



This exponential growth is a great success for me as a political data scientist, even more than what I thought initially. All of this could never have been possible without the love and support of the readers. Therefore, this article’s primary purpose is to show my gratitude to the readers for their continuous support.


Thank you note from Eli Mshomi- A political data scientist

I am thankful to the readers of Missed Votes because they care about the community, the world around them, and are keen to keep themselves updated and informed about what is happening around them. As I am a political data scientist so from the very beginning, Missed Votes was initiated to bring unbiased and data-driven opinions to its readers and keep them informed about the latest fact-based news from the United States elections.


Eli Mshomi- Political data scientist messages Eli Mshomi- Political data scientist messages Eli Mshomi- Political data scientist messages Eli Mshomi- Political data scientist messages


I have also received various messages from the readers, some of which are shown above. These messages meant a lot to Missed Votes and me.

Today I want to say that it was your support that kept me going. Your criticism showed me the way and corrected me where I went wrong. Hardships and challenges are a part of our life. Without these things, life does not mean anything.

When one faces challenging situations, he strives to do more than he can, and that is what I have done. When I started the website, I had to overcome certain challenges. I faced them and kept fighting like a soldier, and my weapon was and will always be the support of my readers.

I also want to thank my international readers. The website was related to the United States in the beginning, and I never imagined that it would find such a massive following in other countries as well. Missed Votes has a vast audience from Asia, the Middle East, and European countries.

Due to this, I have decided to add International Sections in the Missed Votes that will bring you some amazing articles from across the world. The following picture can show you how we managed to attract the global audience on Missed Votes.

Eli Mshomi- Political data scientist global stats


Additionally, I want to inform my readers that Missed Votes will start a live poll in the evening to keep its readers updated with the latest developments in the presidential elections. Missed Votes strives to bring you the latest news and to keep you informed so that you can know what is going around you.

I also want to say that I always like it when people tell me of my mistakes, and I take it as constructive criticism. Reaching perfection is a dream in itself, and Missed Votes is dependent on your reviews and comments to fulfill this dream.

In the end, I wish my readers happy and safe voting and wish Donald Trump and Joe Biden good luck with their adventure.  I hope that whoever wins the election will work in the best interest of America and its people.

Stay tuned for live polls, and we will keep on bringing you some more amazing articles about the presidential elections from today. Thank You. 

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