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by Eli Mshomi
Eli Mshomi Political data scientist
Eli Mshomi Political Data Scientist

I will give you the latest information and distinctive analysis of US political news and elections that will equip you with everything you need. With unbiased analysis about the current hot topics by an experienced political data scientist, learn more about the US foreign interests and international avenues. Know more about the best choices available to you for the vote to elect people who will best serve your interests after coming to power.

As a Political Data Scientist, I have found out for many voters, election decisions are tough to make. With the vast amount of information and disinformation floating around, and with no one to provide unbiased knowledge and support, then it becomes even harder to answer some of the questions the voters need to know, such as:

What do I need to do to be able to vote?

Who should I vote for?

When should I vote?

Why should I vote?

Where can I vote?


Also, with all the events following the last elections, the voters are confused more than ever to decide on casting their ballot.

To ease their suffering, I am helping voters regardless of party or political affiliation. For that reason, I created this application, named PatnuVotes app, with the following goals: 


  • Helping you get to know your state, federal, and local representatives with just a couple of clicks. 
  • Finding and contacting your representatives was never as accessible as we made it now with the PatnuVotes app. 
  • You can contact your elected officials on any social media platform and their phone numbers with this app.
  • We make the voting decisions easier for you. With this tool, you can filter the representatives verifiably interested in dealing with public affairs, creating a better voting decision in the next elections.


Voting is a primary right and responsibility for everyone who is eligible to vote as per every democratic constitution, and I believe no one should be unable to find answers to these questions. I know that you need impartial advice, and I am here to help you navigate the answers to these questions.

I have over thirty years as a Data Engineer, with experience as Data Political Analyst; have knowledge and tools to gain key Political insights that you will not find anywhere else on the web.

  • I believe no one should be stuck to answer such questions about that topic
  • I know you need someone to help you to navigate into the answers
  • I am here for you, with 30+ Years as Data Engineer, I acquired experience to siphon thru data and get the insights using different analytical methods.

You can get new insights regarding all the trending topics of the United States politics by tuning in to mshomi.com.

With this, you can easily clear all the doubts on the mind regarding the election process and results.

An important characteristic of the political data scientist is to give an unbiased opinion based on facts and figures, and this is exactly what I do. All the analysis that you get here is free from any prejudice and is of a balanced and comprehensive nature. 

With too much fake information floating around the internet, it became struggling for voters to decide which candidate should they support.

As a matter of fact, every single vote matters, and a single misguided decision can be detrimental for the future of the country.

As an experienced political data scientist, it is my responsibility that I provide you with insights that are well-researched and well-analyzed to help you decide who should you vote for and what is the meaning of using the vote in a correct manner.

You will be able to get the following insights about political culture. 

Impacts of specific decisions on the future of the country by analyzing the previous decisions.

Time to time updates regarding the closely contested regions of the country.

Carefully created a model to predict elections by considering various factors.

Prevailing political trends in the country.

Data on important issues of the country.

Geographical political data of the USA.

Changing trends in the swing states.

The political history of the USA.

Not only this but as a political data scientist, I will also help you in having a deeper knowledge about the impacts of social happenings on the elections. Why do some events shape the outcome of the polls and why others don’t? The answer to this question can be found at missed votes.

Your votes matter and you should be aware of that. With the infodemic near the elections, not everyone analyzes the things in deep before casting the ballot, and this is where an experienced political data scientist comes in.

In a nutshell, a well-researched analysis based on facts and figures with no biases is what I do to make sure that no one remains deprived of exercising the authority to vote rightly. Contact me now to know more about me

Eli Mshomi – Political Data Scientist

Eli Mshomi 

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