Jamie Raskin: Lead Impeachment Manager to beat Shit out of Trump in Senate Trial

by Eli Mshomi

As Donald Trump moves into his second Senate trial, Representative Jamie Raskin, the lead impeachment manager, has pulled up his socks to knock Trump out on the Senate floor.

While Jamie Raskin plans to poke holes in Trump’s legal team on Monday, Trump’s legal team focuses on technical details that can save Trump from conviction.

Earlier Congress impeached Donald Trump for the second time after he incited a mob attack on Congress, but Mitch McConnell led Republicans to save him from a Senate trial during his presidency.

Jamie Raskin could be the best choice of the Democrats, as he was one of the leading congressmen while drafting the articles of impeachment against Trump.

An impeachment manager is appointed by the House to present its case in the Senate, while the defense team will defend the charges made against Donald Trump by the prosecutor.

The senators will listen to the arguments of both sides before the final vote. Usually, the Chief Justice of the United States presides over the trial. However, in this case, Donald Trump is no longer the president, so the trial will be presided over by Senator Patrick Leahy, the longest-serving member of the majority party.

Representative Jamie Raskin: Ready to Counter Trump Menace on Various Fronts

Representative Jamie Raskin believes that the actions of Donald Trump are one of the most dangerous presidential crimes in history. Therefore, it is crucial to punish him so that no president would try to abuse the powers to this extent in the times to come. 

Raskin is currently making a strategy to prosecute Donald Trump on various fronts. The multi-pronged plan will tackle the Trump menace on the front of the false accusations of voter fraud, refusal to concede the presidency, and urging the violence on January 6, 2021.

However, most of the discussion is expected to revolve around Trump’s involvement in the Capitol Hill violence. 


Jamie Raskin: The Impeachment Manager with the Constitutional Expertise

Representative Jamie Raskin emerged as the strongest voice in condemning Trump against the Capitol Hill attack. Raskin began to draft the article of impeachment against Donald Trump within hours after the violent mob stormed Congress. 

Owing to his service as a constitutional law professor, he has an inclination toward law and the constitution, which forced Nancy Pelosi to make him the lead impeachment manager of the all-important mission.  

Raskin, a graduate of Harvard University and Harvard Law School, was a Senator from Maryland before becoming a member of the House of Representatives in 2016 after a hard-fought Democratic primary.

The Maryland Democrat drafted the impeachment articles and is also the author of the resolution adopted by the House of Representatives that called on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th amendment and strip Trump of his powers as the president.

Ruskin’s accepted this responsibility while suffering from the loss of his son, Tommy Ruskin. While holding this huge responsibility, Raskin is also coping with a family tragedy. The 25-years-old Tommy Raskin was a law student at Harvard and took his life on New Year’s Eve after struggling with depression for a long time. 

According to Raskin, the attack on Capitol Hill is an attack on the country, and that he could not lose his son and country at the same time. 

Raskin: A Man Born for Constitutional Efforts 

When Raskin was appointed as a manager for the task by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, he said,


“Honored and humbled to be named an impeachment manager with a team of colleagues who are serious lawyers and unstoppable patriots…We have a solemn duty to protect our democracy and constitution.”

(Janie Raskin)


Raskin, the son of a well-known antiwar activist Marcus Raskin, won the trust of Nancy Pelosi because she knew that no one could do the job better than him. She was aware of his expertise in constitutional matters and because of his convincing arguments in the House Judiciary Committee.

Democratic Representative Val Demings, the lead impeachment manager in the first Senate trial of Donald Trump, also believes that Raskin’s expertise in constitutional law will be fruitful in the trial. 

Demings even said that when he was a child, he used to play with toys, but Raskin probably had a copy of the constitution, referring towards Raskin’s grip and knowledge of constitutional law.

House and Senate Democrats have also shown their trust in Raskin to convince at least 17 Republicans to convict Trump.  

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

Raskin’s Optimism to Convict Trump Legally

There has been a hot debate about whether it is possible for Senate to convict Trump or not, considering he is now a former president. Recently 45 out of 50 Republicans voted that it is not possible constitutionally. Republicans made this argument as an attempt to bypass the trial.

While many legal experts and lawmakers failed to have a clear argument against this claim, Representative Jamie Raskin claims that this is a constitutional move.

Raskin said that it is not written explicitly anywhere that a former president cannot be convicted.

Raskin further added that the existence of any such rule is dangerous, as it makes the grounds of the future presidents fertile for propagating violence during the last days in office.


In a Nutshell

Jamie Raskin is leading the impeachment effort against Trump. His dedication to the constitution enables him to hold this job quite efficiently. 

With the strategy that he is planning, he is committed to knocking Trump and his legal team out of the Senate in the first round. 

The 58-years old Congressman will leave no stone unturned in bringing the man to justice who created division in the United States with his actions during his final days in office.


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