North Carolina Senate Race 2022: Democrats Ready to Show Their Trump Card amid Republican’s Retirement

by Eli Mshomi

The retirement of at least six senators in 2022 has pushed the Republican party to a chokehold. This demands a new strategy from them, as losing their seats would mean losing the Senate altogether.

One such Republican is Senator Richard Burr, whose retirement would bring joy in Democratic ranks.

As Richard Burr retires, Donald Trump has already put his money on the election of Ted Budd. This support of Trump can play a conclusive role in the 2022 North Carolina Senate race, where conservatism is embedded in the state’s residents.

The 2022 North Carolina Senate race would be a treat to watch, as this state is a stronghold of Republicans, but having a new candidate can make the Democratic way easy.

What are the stakes in this Senate race, and who are the possible Democratic and Republican nominees? Let’s see.

Republicans Looking to Run in the 2022 North Carolina Senate Race 

Republicans Looking to Run in the 2022 North Carolina Senate Race

Republicans Looking to Run in the 2022 North Carolina Senate Race 

The following Republican candidates are eyeing to contest the 2022 North Carolina Senate race, as Burr looks to retirement.

  • Mark Walker, Former Representative of the United States
  • Jennifer Banwart
  • Ted Budd, incumbent congressman
  • Pat McCrory, former Gov. North Carolina
  • Tim Moore, North Carolina House Speaker
  • Dan Forest, Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina
Democratic Candidates: Weak Democratic Party in NC Seeks Possible Avenues

Democratic Candidates: Weak Democratic Party in NC Seeks Possible Avenues

Democratic Candidates: Weak Democratic Party in NC Seeks Possible Avenues

The following Democrats are ready to make their bid for the 2022 North Carolina Senate race.

  • Erica Smith, former North Carolina State Senator
  • Jeff Jackson, North Carolina State Senator
  • Richard Watkins, Scientist, and Virologist
  • Cheri Beasley, former Supreme Court Chief Justice of North Carolina 
  • Anita Earls, North Carolina Supreme Court Justice
  • Josh Stein, North Carolina Attorney General

Mark Walker Announces Election Bid Amid Shrinking Chances:

Republican Representative Mark Walker announced at the end of 2020 that he would be running for the 2022 North Carolina Senate race.

Walker bragged about his hardline conservative approach in a video message, self-proclaiming that he is the best fit after Senator Richard Burr.

However, without Trump’s support, he is unlikely to make a difference in the Republican primary.

Erica Smith and Jeff Jackson: Democrats Explore Possible Avenues:

Former North Carolina Senator Erica Smith has been active in her campaign since the 2020 victory of Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in the presidential election.

Erica Smith lost the 2020 battle in the Democratic Primary to Cal Cunningham. Cunningham then lost to Thom Tillis in a controversial race.

However, Smith is confident that 2022 will be different, as she is focusing on building a team with trained staff and starting the fundraising campaign earlier than anybody else. 

In late January, North Carolina Democratic State Senator Jeff Jackson announced that he would be running for the United States Senate.

Having a service record in the US Army Reserve as a Captain and a veteran in the Afghanistan war, he is serving the fourth term in the State Senate.

His ambitions for the US Senate are not new, as he also wanted to contest in the 2020 elections but backed off after meeting with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

NASA Coming to Politics: Former Astronaut Joan Higginbotham Seeks Elections

The changing dynamics of society are also encouraging science advocates to run for the US Senate.

A nonprofit advocacy group, 314 Action, is encouraging STEM professionals to run for office. This group is also pushing the campaign of Joan Higginbotham, the third Black woman to go into space.

Joan Higginbotham is a former NASA astronaut who is seeking a Senate term in 2022 from North Carolina.

Higginbotham has never run for office before and also does not hold any experience in this regard. However, the advocacy group is confident that she is doing everything that is needed to run for office.


Final Thoughts

North Carolina is one of the ten states that are most likely to flip in the 2022 Senate race. North Carolina is considered to be a stronghold of Donald Trump, and his support of Ted Budd is expected to play a crucial role in the election. Trump would be more than happy to see Richard Budd’s retirement, as he voted against Trump in the second impeachment trial.

Flipping this red state is not a walk in the park for Democrats. Republicans have carried this state eleven times in the last thirteen presidential elections. So Democrats need a vibrant strategy to dismantle the Republicans.

The biggest hurdle for Democrats is Ted Budd, who now enjoys Trump’s support, and his hardcore evangelicals will not leave a chance to vote in favor of him.

The announcement of Lara Trump’s decision not to contest in the 2022 North Carolina Senate race has also increased the hopes of Ted Budd to make a conclusive bid in front of the residents of the Tar Heel State.

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