Rick Krajewski Heroics: The Emblem of Progressivism in Pennsylvania

by Eli Mshomi

The rise of the progressive faction of Democrats resulted in the emergence of many leaders on the national emblem.

Rick Krajewski is one of those progressives furthering the Democrats’ agenda in Philadelphia, which became a nail-bitter in deciding the results of the 2020 presidential elections.

Rick Krajewski took office as the Representative of the 188th District of Philadelphia. He managed to defeat three opponents in the Democratic Primary, including the 35-years incumbent Jim Roebuck, and accordingly came into the limelight.

Although there was no challenger in November’s general election for him, it was still a long and tiring journey. 

Rick Krajewski won the 188th District of Philadelphia on a progressive agenda, promising that he would try his best to revolutionize the system, for which he is trying hard in Pennsylvania.

How is he advancing his progressive agenda in the United States, and how is he an emblem of the Democrats’ progressive agenda in Pennsylvania? Let’s see.


Progressive Wave in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Amid the pervasive progressive wave going on in the United States, led by Senator Bernie Sanders, seven Progressives won the Democratic primary for state legislators in Pennsylvania last year, and nearly all of them defeated long-term incumbents.

Philadelphia is no different in terms of this progressive revolution.  On the Southern front, Nikil Saval defeated an incumbent in the state senate election.

The western front was conquered by Rick Krajewski, who ousted a 35-years incumbent in the Democratic Primary.

Amid this progressive wave, many small progressive groups also managed to get their candidatures elected in state and local level legislative bodies.

This includes Shanna Danielson from Cumberland, not to forget Enid Santiago and Nicole Miller, who lost by a small margin of votes.

Rick Krajewski described this progressive revolution as an indication by people that they are done with the status quo that has been prevailing for a long time in US politics.

Rick Krajewski, Pennsylvania state representative

Rick Krajewski, Pennsylvania state representative

Mass Liberation: The motto of Rick Krajewski’s Progressive Agenda

Rick Krajewski campaigned on a progressive agenda of mass liberation. He fought for the future of democracy and a vision of justice.

Krajewski, an erstwhile bright student, hailed from a low-income family. This made him understand the importance of education, which is why he supports public funding in the educational sector for students unable to bear the expenses so that they can enjoy the perks the same way as they are enjoyed by the rich students.

Krajewski is also an advocate of affordable housing for every American, not to mention his advocacy for other rights for every American in general and people of color in particular.

 Healthcare was one of the defining features of Krajweski’s campaign, as he was willing to fight against the rising costs of healthcare.

He wants a healthcare system that is accountable to patients and not to the pharmaceutical and insurance companies that are driven by profits.

Drug addiction is also one of the pressing issues of West Philadelphia, decrying for urgent attention of the concerned authorities.

However, the government’s inept strategy of the war on drugs is even more damaging, especially for Black and brown families, who are the most affected ones from this war in West Philadelphia. 

Rick has seen this during his childhood and now is committed to permanently altering how the authorities address the crime.

Through Rick, the people of West Philadelphia can now hold the government accountable for the crisis that the war on drugs brought for Black and brown families.

Reclaim Philadelphia logo

Reclaim Philadelphia logo

Reclaim Philadelphia: A Landmark for Rick Krajewski’s Success

Even before starting his campaign, Rick Krajewski was working as a community organizer for Reclaim Philadelphia.

This activist group marked the beginning of the politics of Rick Krajewski, who would, later on, defeat James Roebuck Jr., a 35-years incumbent.

Reclaim Philadelphia has been working to support and restore the working people helping to fight the status quo created by the rich corporations.

Krajewski supports and endorses the need for progressive policies aiming to improve the racial wealth gap in West Philadelphia.

While running for the state representative, Rick showed his full support for progressive policies such as the Green New Deal and disinvestment from the fossil fuel industry.

Working people and people of color are the worst affected ones due to the devastations from climate change, as environmental racism is pervasive in the United States.

Philadelphia needed a leader who has the capability to stand up against the corporations that are destroying the environment with the rapid fossil fuel consumption while at the same time opposing the Green New Deal.


Final Thoughts

The far-right politics of Republicans gave enough reasons for Rick Krajewski to initiate his progressive policies.

While on the federal level, the likes of AOC were fighting for people’s rights, on the state level, the presence of Rick Krajewski did everything in favor of Americans.

However, for these types of people, Republicans blame Democrats for promoting socialism in the country, for which Democrats failed to make a vibrant strategy to tackle this propaganda. 

Democrats should count on these types of progressives across the country so that they can find a dependable leader in almost every state.

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