Support Independent Journalism: High Time to Stand up for Fundamental Ethos for Democracy

by Eli Mshomi


I have consistently been trying to introduce distinctive analyses for my global readers regarding topics of varied nature.

With my expansion plans comes the need for your financial support, donations that will help me continue serving readers like you.

Continuing independent journalism is not possible without serving ads to users in today’s competitive market, but I do not want to diminish your reading experience.

So, I have decided to go ads and subscription-free, as nobody should be stopped from reading the truth. So it’s a Win-Win situation for everyone now. You support Mshomi News, and I will feature you on the website.

Help Mshomi News Grow: Shop or Donations, Your Choice

I have introduced two modes for you through which you can support our website now.

  1. Shop
  2. Donations

Now you do not need to go to physical stores to get daily household necessities. I have introduced a shop on the website, where you can buy our different branded products, making your lives easier.

While it helps you to have quality stuff at your doorstep to use it yourself or to gift it to your loved ones and friends. At the same time, it allows me to get the necessary financial support needed to fund the maintenance and development of Mshomi news.

But do not worry if you want to contribute to the website without buying any product. Not everyone can or wants to buy the products, and I understand that, so I have introduced the donations feature for you. Now you can make donations of as little as $1 and help us collect money without shopping from our store.

From now on, you will see a “Support the Article” button in every article, and you can choose either to buy the T-shirt to support the article or donate money for that specific article. The T-shirt will have the featured photo on it, with the title of the article imprinted.



Get Yourself Featured on Mshomi News: Win-Win Situation for Everyone

And this is the chance for donors to get themselves featured on our website to boost their online presence. Mshomi News has more than 1.5 million global page views per month, and if you want to get yourself featured to this diverse pool of audience and become famous overnight, this is your time to shine.

All you need to do is.

  • Order a product, let’s say a T-Shirt or anything else, from our store.
  • Send us your picture with that product, and we will feature you in the article you want to support.

This way, you have an opportunity to get more followers on different social media platforms, as we will post the links to your social profiles also to give you a digital boost.

Even if you cannot afford to buy a product, there is still a chance to boost your identity through our website. Donate to us to support any article, and we will list the names of the donors at the end of every article to acknowledge their contributions to our website.

It’s time to elevate your digital status and give your presence the boost it deserves.

Money to Help Our Readers and not for Profit-Making

I have plans to continue expanding the website moving into 2022.

I am about to expand our operations to: 

  • Publish five different articles every day related to US Politics, US Elections, Racial Justice, Human Rights, and US Foreign Affairs so that you can read more quality information in the future.
  • Podcasts with global guests to help you become aware of on-ground realities.
  • We will build a community where you will be able to discuss politics and matters of various interests online. It will give you an opportunity to get a competing point of view and broaden your horizon about what is happening in the world.
  • Exclusive Webinars with distinctive guests, so you get exposure to expert opinions on various subjects.

Obviously, introducing these many features in a single platform is not possible without getting financial support from users like you who have made Mshomi News a success over the course of time.

Because of the readers like you, I have successfully been able to bring the website from zero to 1.5 million views per month. I would like to thank all the users who stuck with me during this journey.

Why Am I not Opening a Non-Profit Organization from Mshomi News?

My writing style does not allow me to open a non-profit organization because the content might be compromised by the decision of the Board of Directors.

A non-profit has no private ownership, and the Board of Directors has to decide on what to write and what not to write.

It is extremely difficult to find independent minds on the Board of Directors, so I am not converting the organization into a non-profit.

This decision keeps the ownership solely to myself and helps me deliver the content to you without any external bias.

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