Acquittal Shenanigans: Is Trump OJ Simpson in the Making?

by Eli Mshomi
Acquittal Shenanigans: Is Trump OJ Simpson in the Making?

Birds of the same feathers flock together; this may be an English idiom from the sixteenth century, but it cannot become more relevant than today.

Trump was acquitted momentarily from a conviction trial just like OJ Simpson, who was acquitted earlier in a murder case, only to later serve a jail term later in a robbery and kidnapping case.

The analogies between Donald Trump and OJ Simpson suggest that Trump may become another Simpson. While Republicans may think that they successfully saved Donald Trump from his ultimate destiny, thinking along these lines is a falsified approach.

If the Democrats pursue  Trump’s case in court properly, he will be another OJ Simpson in the making, who served a nine-year term in jail in Nevada before getting free once again.

How can the analogy be made between Donald Trump and OJ Simpson, who came into the limelight in the most famous murder case in history, where millions of Americans saw his trial live on national TV in a double murder case? Why do both of these powerful media figures share the same destiny? Let’s explore.

Donald Trump and OJ Simpson: A Duo Acquitted Earlier to Serve a Jail Term Later

A former NFL football player, actor, and broadcaster, OJ Simpson was an influential media figure, and so is Donald Trump.

When Simpson was first accused of murdering his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman, he became a subject of inquiry as the law enforcement agencies found a glove outside Simpson’s house having the blood of both the victims and OJ Simpson. 

Despite getting the notices of being a prime suspect in the case, Simpson refused surrendering and threatened police with suicide by placing a gun over his head in a car. Police continued chasing him, albeit at low speed and ended up arresting Simpson.

This Simpson’s escape attempt was broadcast live on television, so almost 95 million people saw it. This made the case a talk of the town, as it is still regarded as the most high-profile murder case in the history of the United States.

In the subsequent events, Simpson was acquitted on October 3, 1995, after facing a court trial of 11 months, the longest one in recent memory.

Many believed that Simpson was just another victim of the racist justice system; others opined that he was the real murderer who fled justice.

In 2007, he became prominent in the news once again as he was charged with burglary and kidnapping.

Along with a group of men, he broke into a hotel and stole sports memorabilia items from Bruce Fromong, a sports dealer.

Not only this, the violent group of men forced the people in the building not to leave the hotel. In this case, Simpson was arrested and tried and finally convicted to serve a 9 to 33 years jail-term.

Now, Donald Trump and OJ Simpson share the same destinies as evidence suggests. Despite getting acquitted from a Senate trial due to unjustified favors of Republicans, Donald Trump would be taking a sigh of relief. Unfortunately for him, his real trial is yet to start, which has the potential to push him to jail.

The strategy of the Democrats was to pursue the bigger goal and keep the Republicans in surprise. Democrats requested the Senate to present the witnesses of the Congressional attack but backed off at the last moment of the impeachment trial, despite getting permission.

Many believe that it was Biden’s pressure to chase unity with Republicans, and the agreement with Republicans is a compromise. Still, Democrats have actually saved their trump card to play at a time when it will matter the most.

Democrats will probably present the witnesses in court to bury Trump’s matter once and for all. Presenting witnesses in the Senate would have compromised them as witnesses in a later court trial, making them vulnerable for cross-examination by the defense in a court trial. 

As the situation stands, Trump’s team would be clueless to see the undeniable witnesses in the court, which will push Trump into a dead-end tunnel. This way, he will meet the same destiny as that of OJ Simpson.

Another thing of utmost importance is that just like OJ Simpson, Trump can also be prosecuted for various charges, including putting America on fire in his presidency, taking radical measures to serve his own agenda and ego, and sieging the Capitol Hill to stop Biden’s victory certification on January 6.

Alan Dershowitz: A Controversial Lawyer Who Tried to Save Both Trump and Simpson 

Having been acquitted earlier and serving a jail sentence later would not be the only thing Trump and OJ Simpson would share.

There is another striking analogy between both, which also signals towards Trump’s future.

Alan Dershowitz is the right-hand man of Donald Trump, who was part of Trump’s legal team in his first impeachment trial.

Seeing his ability to defend the nonsense, Donald Trump again asked him to defend the former President in the latest Senate trial. 

Although Dershowitz did not act as the front-line worker in Trump’s legal team in this impeachment trial, he still played a crucial role in the acquittal of Donald Trump.

He is entitled to give his opinion on the arguments made by Trump’s lawyers. Dershowitz is a controversial attorney, having a record of defending OJ Simpson in the murder case and a rapist, Jeffery Epstein, in the past. 

The records of Alan Dershowetiz defending the criminals speak volumes about him, showing him as one who will defend anyone for the sake of it.

By being part of the defense team for Simpson in a criminal offense, Alan Dershowitz won the trust of Trump to represent him in the Senate.

It seems that Trump has a history of hiring controversial lawyers, as he also hired controversial lawyers to defend his baseless claims of election fraud after the November 2020 elections.

The Way Forward

The Republicans are more than happy by saving Trump today, without knowing the fact that Trump tried to use them by threatening to form a new political party, Patriot Party.

The Republicans might have saved Donald Trump, but many of them can lose the support of the ideological voter base of the party, which disapproved of Donald Trump’s actions in the aftermath of the Congressional attacks.

It’s time for Democrats to sit down and think of the future strategy and further collect the witnesses to present them in a court trial.

Anything other than an all-out effort to convict Trump in court would be a big loss for Democrats, as they have already put all of their eggs in one basket.

While playing smart by not presenting the witnesses in the Senate is a commendable move by the Democrats, only a proper follow-up of Trump’s case would be a win for Democrats and only then Trump and OJ Simpson would share the same destiny. Everything except this would be a compromise that would put the Democrats in hot waters of criticism.


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