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Turkey US Relations: How Trump and Biden policy differ towards Turkey and Middle East?

by Eli Mshomi

The United States holds a significant influence on other countries of the world due to its geographic and economic position. With the new president in the Oval Office in the upcoming days, the most important change is about to happen in the foreign policy of the United States.

The new foreign policy will affect every region on this planet, especially Turkey and the Middle East. Any attempt to deteriorate Turkey US relations will not be beneficial for the United States as Turkey is emerging as a potential leader of the Islamic world, as Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries are becoming more lenient toward Israel and other issues of Islamic countries and

In this article, we will explore the impact of Trump and Biden’s foreign policy on Turkey US relations and the US Middle East bilateral relations and in which direction can they go in the future.

Importance of Turkey and the Middle East

Turkey and the Middle East both have played an important role in world politics. Turkey US relations have seen many ups and downs and have been tested in scenarios such as the Gulf War and the Cold War.

However, the situation has become quite complicated in the past few years, with the Trump administration backing the YPG-PKK despite the president’s promise to withdraw US troops from the Middle East.

Turkey’s action against Libya and Greece over the Mediterranean issue is a new addition complicating the relationship. Turkey holds significant regional importance because of its mighty past and its relation with other Muslim nations.

Moving on, the Middle East has been devastated due to the involvement of the foreign actors in its internal struggles, one of whom is the United States. The region is geographically important, as it is a gateway to the European Market and because of its rich oil fields.

Turkey US relations in case of Trump’s Win

A Trump win is not good news for either the Middle East or Turkey US relations. Trump promised to withdraw US troops from the Middle East but has not fulfilled the promise yet, and is not likely to do so. If given another four years, President Trump will be too busy putting on a show in the White House of Arab leaders normalizing their relationship with Israel.

If re-elected, Trump will also try to exert pressure on Turkey and Saudi Arabia for normalizing relations with Israel. Neither the government nor the people of the region will accept this type of pressure which will further strain the Turkey US relations.

The United States under Trump will not only further complicate Turkey US relations but is also a threat to the peace and stability of the Middle East. Additionally, Trump’s policy on Iran is also a threat to regional stability.

Experts and analysts have repeatedly stressed that the United States needs to revisit its policy on Iran and find another way to solve the issue.

Turkey US relations if Biden Wins the Election:

The United States under Biden is likely to be a good option as compared to Donald Trump, not just for Turkey and the Middle East but the whole world. Trump has distanced himself from the contemporary issues of the Mediterranean and has not played any role in normalizing the growing tension.

Biden would possibly work with both parties to find a solution to the issues, as evidenced by his record as the vice president.

While it is true that Biden will continue with the agenda of Trump on the normalization of the relations between Israel and Arab states, he also holds a transformation plan for the Middle East US relations that will eventually create an atmosphere of peace and stability in the region. A Democratic government is also expected to lean more toward Iran than the Arab states, which could find a peaceful solution to the Iran crisis.



It appears that the United States has a considerable influence on other regions, especially the Middle East and Turkey, which are currently among the hotspots of world politics.

Turkey is an emerging power, and its influence in the Muslim world is considerable. If by any means, Saudi Arabia loses its status of being the head of the Muslim world, Turkey will be the next one to get the title.

The Middle East is an important geographical and strategic region, and many foreign actors are trying to establish their control over the region. The next president of the United States will be responsible for devising a new policy of the country toward this region.

If Trump is given another four-year term, he is likely to not only destroy the country from within but will also use the power given by the American people to further his agenda of destruction towards regions such as Turkey and the Middle East destroying Turkey US relations. Joe Biden seems to be the only way to not only save America but also to save other regions.

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