What do Charles Manson and Trump have in common?

by Eli Mshomi
What do Charles Manson and Trump have in common?

Charles Manson is considered one of the most radical cult leaders in American history. He is often attributed to killing nine people, but in reality, he didn’t kill anyone himself. 

The same is the case with Donald Trump, who did not murder anyone directly, yet his actions provoked the rioters in attacking the United States Congress, an event in which five people lost their lives.

At the time of Manson’s conviction back in 1971, the decision prevailed that he did not kill anyone. However, he conspired to assassinate people with the help of his cult named the Manson family

Almost 50 years later, the cult created by the sitting president Donald Trump, inspired by Charles Manson, pushed the United States into an existential crisis that drew an analogy between him and the career criminal Charles Manson.


What do trump and Charles Manson have in common?

  1. Both Trump and Manson are cult leaders
  2. The actions of both killed multiple people
  3. Both tricked their supporters and used them violently

Let’s see it one by one

Donald Trump vs Charles Manson

Charles Manson vs. Donald Trump: Both Were Cult Leaders

The Manson Family, one of the most prominent cults of the United States during the last century, was founded by Charles Manson. The cult had almost 50 members, driven by the radical ideology of violence. Out of the nine known victims of this cult, the most prominent one was the actress Sharon Tate.

Spending his early childhood in the juvenile delinquency centers, Manson learned the psychic of the criminals, which assisted him in a great manner to attract the potential criminals toward himself.

His charismatic personality impressed dozens of people, mostly radical women from middle-class families. Addicted to drugs, this cult of Charles Manson was active in California in the late 1960s and the early 1970s.

If we look at his core competitor Donald Trump, he also created a cult in the United States, principally led by the white supremacists

The Trump base is so radical and inspired by Trump’s ideology that most of them still support him, despite having his prominent role in the Capitol Hill crisis. 

Not only this, but the former president has deep links with the white supremacist groups, including Proud Boys and QAnon

The members of both of these groups were seen during the Congressional siege when Congress gathered to officiate the victory of Joe Biden.

The primary difference between these cult leaders is that Charles Manson led a smaller group of violent individuals; however, the attackers in the Trump-led group clearly outnumbered those in Manson’s groups.


Trump vs. Manson: Actions of Both Killed People

Another surprising similarity between both of these criminals is that neither of them killed any individual directly. 

When Charles Manson was convicted with a life sentence, he was charged with the conspiracy of the murders. Neither of the judges said that he was involved in the murder directly.

The case of Donald Trump also tells the same story. As a sitting president, he did not order anyone to kill some. Yet, his speech was so provoking that it initiated the mob mentality in the attackers resulting in a bloodbath on January 6.

As Donald Trump moves further toward his trials, he can also be charged with the conspiracy of murders giving tribute to Charles Manson.


infographic explaining similarities between Charles Manson and Donald Trump

Both Manson and Trump Tricked their Supporters

The supporters of both the cults were being played and tricked by their leaders. This is another alarming similarity between Charles Manson and Donald Trump, as the supporters of both the groups opined along similar lines after the violence.

In the aftermath of the deadly event, the supporters of the Donald Trump cult turned against the president himself. The lawyer of one of the rioters said in court,


“The nature and circumstances of this offense must be viewed through the lens of an event inspired by the president of the United States.”

(Rioter Emanuel Jackson’s lawyer)

This is not the only case of its type. There are a lot of attackers who blamed Donald Trump while facing prosecution.

Even the staunchest supporters of Donald Trump turned against him in the court. The lawyer of the in-famous QAnon Shaman, a shirtless man with horns, said in the court,


Mr. Trump is culpable (for the incident)”

(QAnon Shaman lawyer)

Not only this, he even begged for a presidential pardon from Donald Trump for the QAnon Shaman during the last days of Trump’s presidency.

Similarly, other attackers of Donald Trump also opined along the same line of blaming Trump.

Now consider the case of Charles Manson. As the murderers were prosecuted in the courts, they started distancing themselves from the events triggered by the actions of Charles Manson.

One of the people involved in the attacks said,


“I did nothing, they know I did nothing, and they are still blaming me…Perhaps they should go beyond the real culprits.”

(An Anonymous member of Manson Family)

As Donald Trump is preparing the final wording to speak in front of the Senate, the lead impeachment manager Jamie Raskin will try to bring him to justice.

While Republicans will try to save their political boss from punishment, it will be the biggest challenge for Democrats to convince enough Republicans to get the verdict in their favor so that Donald Trump could also meet with Charles Manson’s fate.


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